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The Books

Stories can take many forms, and picking the best one to read brings many choices. If you want to hear the story of a guy being haunted (or is it…hunted?) by ghosts, pick up Morpheus Road. If it’s action and adventure, you crave, give Pendragon a try. Or if you prefer a gorgeously illustrated picture book that brings younger readers on a fairy-tale journey, check out The Monster Princess.

The SYLO Chronicles trilogy is a science-fiction thriller about a group of teens whose island home is cut off from the rest of the world due to a mysterious virus.  But not all is what it appears to be for the people sent to protect them may actually be holding them prisoner.

How about an adventure into outer space?  That would be Voyagers: Project Alpha.  It’s the first of six books written by six different authors about a young team of astronauts on a mission to the far side of the universe to save Earth from running out of energy.

The newest series is The Library.  It’s a spooky anthology about a group of young people with access to a strange library filled with unfinished supernatural tales.  Their mission is to enter the stories, solve the mysteries they contain and finish the books…before the books finish them.

Whatever story you choose, be prepared for wild and exciting adventures.

Morpheus Road